LiftOff Workshop Fall/Winter 2014

Brian Rogers

Brian Rogers

Facilitation by Karen Bernard, Founder and Director of New Dance Alliance and Guest Feedback Givers:

Tuesdays 6-9 PM
October 21-December 30
10 Sessions
Limited space available

To register, email and to secure your place, mail check made payable to New Dance Alliance at 182 Duane Street, New York, NY 10013.

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LiftOff is an NDA program offering residencies and workshops in which performing artists develop creative and business aspects of their work.

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My Days Are Numbered

Support 1993-1996 on Hatchfund

6 days to reach our goal and we can make it! Any amount will help to pay performers’ fees. You are supporting a retrospective of early works that scratches the surface of my creative life. I have been dancing and making dances all my life. Now in my late 60′s, I am looking back and forward.

Reporformance: excerpt of “It Could Have Been Different” by Lisa Parra and Ryan Migge. Costume by Liz Prince and desconstructed music by Brooks Williams.

See more information & support the reperformance

Lisa Parra

Lisa Parra

Ryan Migge

Ryan Migge

Karen Bernard Photo by Carolina Kroon

Karen Bernard
Photo by Carolina Kroon

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Reperformance featuring Stacy Lynn Smith

Support 1993-1996 on Hatchfund

We need $2,000 to meet our goal with 15 days left.

A holla out to recent donors Kip Keene, Jody Oberfelder and Satoshi Haga, who have gotten us one third nearer to our goal. Your donations will go towards performers’ rehearsal and performance fees.

Reperformance of “Footsteps on the…” created and performed by Karen Bernard in 1993 with costume by Liz Prince and deconstructed popular music by Brooks Williams. Reperformance is by Stacy Lynn Smith. Read more

Reperformance of “Work” featuring Donna Costello

Original “Work” created and performed by Karen Bernard in 1993. Reperformance is by Donna Costello with costume by Liz Prince and music by Wendy Chambers.

“I relate to the constant one direction focus one has in life with what needs to be done and the hardship, the repetitiveness, the resignation and even the joy in it all. I feel like I have only scratched the surface of where the piece can take me and I look forward to this last month of rehearsal to find my own journey along Karen’s path.”

—Donna Costello Read more

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