Reperformance featuring Stacy Lynn Smith

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Reperformance of “Footsteps on the…” created and performed by Karen Bernard in 1993 with costume by Liz Prince and deconstructed popular music by Brooks Williams. Reperformance is by Stacy Lynn Smith.

“Karen’s work is subtle in a way that makes it much harder to execute than it looks. But more and more the work is in my body, allowing me to loosen up and have fun with it. Karen’s support throughout the process has been invaluable.”

—Stacy Lynn Smith

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Stacy Lynn Smith

Stacy Lynn Smith

Karen Bernard in "Footsteps on the..." Photo by Carolina Kroon

Karen Bernard in “Footsteps on the…”
Photo by Carolina Kroon

Triskelion Arts presents Karen Bernard/Solo, a two part program at 8 PM on October 17 and 19. The first piece, 1993-1996 It Could Have Been Different, contains excerpts from four works that Bernard created from 1993-1996. Reperformances are by Donna Costello, Jil Guyon, Ryan Migge, Lisa Parra and Stacy Lynn Smith.

The second piece is the premiere of Bernard’s Suspending and Other Tricks follows: We are taken on a voyeuristic journey, sharing a birds-eye view from outside an arched window to the inside of a room where Bernard grapples with the limitations of aging and mortality.

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Reperformance of “Work” featuring Donna Costello

Original “Work” created and performed by Karen Bernard in 1993. Reperformance is by Donna Costello with costume by Liz Prince and music by Wendy Chambers.

“I relate to the constant one direction focus one has in life with what needs to be done and the hardship, the repetitiveness, the resignation and even the joy in it all. I feel like I have only scratched the surface of where the piece can take me and I look forward to this last month of rehearsal to find my own journey along Karen’s path.”

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1993-1996 It Could Have Been Different/ Suspending and Other Tricks

I’ve launched a Hatchfund campaign to raise funds for rehearsal and performance fees for 1993-1996 It Could Have Been Different to be presented at Triskelion Arts October 17 and 19 at 8 PM.

Join us for opening night to honor costume designer Liz Prince.

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