Friday at Performance Mix Festival

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Both morning events will be held at New Dance Alliance
(182 Duane Street, Tribeca)

And this evening:

All-Star Female Soloists: love, chaos, beauty and change || 7 PM

Gabrielle Revlock

In Gabrielle Revlock’s Performance of a Feminine Object a hoop animates a female performer making reference to the historic and cultural disciplining of the female body. There is a tension in the work between poise and chaos, beauty and awkwardness, sense and nonsense.

Gabrielle is a LiftOff Creative and Project Development Resident Artist

Jenn Goodwin

Toronto-based choreographer Jenn Goodwin brings her latest work, To do. To don’t, a duet with a blanket and hair. Through comfort, protection, hostility, and weight, the work touches on “being enough.” Trying to get out of bed, take it in, keep it out, change, or make change. There is a lot to do. And a lot to don’t.

Victoria Libertore

Choreographer and writer Victoria Libertore returns to Performance Mix with I Want to Die One Day After You, a new solo described as an 89-year love story that comes to an end with ferocity and grace. Directed by Jennifer Tuttle.

Male Counterpoint: free fall complex identities || 8 PM

Christopher Unpezverde Núñez

Christopher Unpezverde Núñez’s The sun set twice on the same day explores the complexities of human migration and its impact on cultural norms, identity, and the concept of self.

Nicholas Rodrigues

In Igloo, Nicholas Rodrigues uses elements of contemporary dance, hip-hop, and martial arts infused with nuanced personal styles to explore how feeling cold physically and emotionally affects one’s body and one’s relationships to those around it.

Simon Portigal

Montreal-based choreographer Simon Portigal will share an excerpt from his newest work, Aattitle. Here, bodies are an overwrought network of senses, signs, feelings, and gestures, burdened and charged by collective histories, individual narratives, and fictions. Portigal has constructed conditions to free-fall into an oversaturated no-place, a virtual after-space from which to see over again.

– Evening performances take place at University Settlement –
184 Eldridge Street, New York, NY 10002

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