Join us tonight for the opening of Performance Mix Festival: 33!

Tonight, Thursday, June 6th! Featuring performances by:

Program A | 7:00 PM

Audrée Juteau

With her work The Strange Strangers, Audrée Juteau proposes a singular meeting place between dance and animism. Human bodies and inanimate objects interact unpredictably, melting into one another, morphing into ghostly forms. Juteau investigates the strangeness of our surrounding environment, human and non-human, while discovering some of its unexpected facets.

Michele Beck

Moving Bodies is an investigation of movement as an instrument. Michele Beck utilizes video to explore the ambiguous bodily relationships between active and passive roles. Repetition and sound created through the performers’ movement become an accompanying instrument in the piece, together composing a narrative that responds to the rhythmic changes on video.

Linda Austin and Allie Hankins

Linda Austin and Allie Hankins collapse, expand, and steal time, traveling across landscapes filled with seemingly incongruous concepts, structures, desires, and energies. Inspired by surrealist artists Gertrude Abercrombie and Leonora Carrington, and Jen George’s “uncanny fictive spaces,” The Traveler and the Thief juxtaposes movement, object, words, and song to celebrate and/or bemoan the unstable and precarious grounds of existence.

Tickets for program A: $15 | Save with a ticket pass to both programs: $20

Program B | 8:30 PM

Vanessa Vargas / Manuel Fajardo

In Smoke, transatlantic dance/performance collaborative Vanessa Vargas / Manuel Fajardo explores notions of rootlessness, exile, and disappearing as an embodiment of invisibility. This interdisciplinary project depicts the varied ways in which people can disappear, by choice or forced invisibility, as social, political, geographical, and cartographical reality.

Stuart Meyers

Stuart Meyers’s KOPFKINO: head cinema is an interior film reel near ruin. Scenes from German Expressionist horror pictures (The Cabinet of Dr. CaligariMetropolisNosferatu) rewind, fast-forward, stick in static, and play in repeat. Old images reform into an uncomfortably contemporary composition, revealing a nightmarish and anxious interwar landscape not so different from our own.

Futile Gestures

Futile Gestures’ I am trying very, very hard to be here right now is a meditation on presence and the ways in which we find our mental selves dissociating with our physical selves. The work examines moments of presence, attempting to find the key to living in the moment. Relationships between the dancers fluctuate as they struggle to stay grounded. The piece invites audience members to pay attention to the moments that capture them and the moments that catapult their minds a million miles away.

Tickets for program B: $15 | Save with a ticket pass to both programs: $20

Opening reception

You are invited to join us for a reception to celebrate the opening night of Performance Mix Festival: 33 following Program B. Admission is included in your ticket for program B or ticket pass!

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Thursday, June 6 – Sunday, June 9, 2019
University Settlement
184 Eldridge Street, New York, NY 10002

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Photo credits: Audrée Juteau, photo by Natasha Thomas | Linda Austin and Allie Hankins, photo by Jeff Forbes | MarinaLaRivera, photo by Francisco Fernádez | Stuart Meyers

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