Friday events at Performance Mix Festival: 33

Rise and shine for Breakfast Mix

Join us for this annual tradition of breakfast and a convivial gathering to meet this year’s international artists! Send a quick RSVP to and then head over to NDA’s loft at 182 Duane Street in Tribeca. Breakfast starts at 10 AM!

Barbara Mahler’s workshop is completely booked!

Space was limited – thanks to those who registered. You can still catch Barbara’s work on Sunday at 2:30 PM as part of our all-day extravaganza. Buy your tickets now!

Friday evening performances

Program A | 7:00 PM

Audrée Juteau

With her work The Strange Strangers, Audrée Juteau proposes a singular meeting place between dance and animism. Human bodies and inanimate objects interact unpredictably, melting into one another, morphing into ghostly forms. Juteau investigates the strangeness of our surrounding environment, human and non-human, while discovering some of its unexpected facets.

Britta Joy Peterson

Britta Joy Peterson’s Vinegar Spirit is one part self-portrait and two parts paradoxical performance piece. An amalgamation of hyper-precision and wild abandon, conflict and acceptance, this “solo” is danced by two forms, sound is created by movement, and gendered body parts are masked by costumes that evoke gendered traditions.

Jil Guyon

Widow’s Walk continues Jil Guyon’s ongoing open-ended performance-video series featuring a lone woman driven into an unexpected environment by forces beyond her control. In this most recent incarnation, the protagonist finds herself navigating a quasi-apocalyptic world with the Sisyphean task of walking up and down a hill in a struggle to conquer her grief.

Tickets for program A: $15 | Save with a ticket pass to both programs: $20

Program B | 8:30 PM

Doug LeCours

3 Fictions, a new work by Doug LeCours, is a choreographic ruse. Stark and pristine movement sequences occur and don’t develop alongside conversations that lead nowhere. Each distinct element of the work is a distraction from the others. 3 Fictions unfolds as a slow reveal of a vacant center.

Janeill Cooper

Janeill Cooper’s a little more magic is a solo exploration of how Black womanness is governed in ways that leave little room for her to experience herself as a complete human being and that prevent her from being perceived as such from the outside. The work seeks to rectify the misrepresentation of the Black woman identity and vocalize and validate the multifacetedness of the Black woman experience, in all of its universalities and differences.

Anna Witenberg

Anna Witenberg’s Sister of Sistrum engages the deep and mercurial rhythms of friendship. Encased within a pool of amniotic waters, a pair of cousin-sister-friends revolve around one another, pulled by the currents of glacial Time. They consummate their bond through a ritual shuffle.

Tickets for program B: $15 | Save with a ticket pass to both programs: $20

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Photo credits: Audrée Juteau, photo by Natasha Thomas | Britta Joy Peterson, photo by Andrew Ribner | Jil Guyon | Doug LeCours, photo by Sara Gibbons | Janeill Cooper, photo by Kathryn Butler | Anna Witenberg and Dancers, photo by Christopher Duggan