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Week One

May 4: Emily Smith

My name is Emily Smith, I currently make work under the title NOT for reTALE. I am a hybrid artist currently working in the mediums of sculpture and choreography. I will be showing the first study of the third design/ iteration of a series called Polite Structures which incorporates movement, sculpture, and sound, surrounding structures I have conceived and fabricated that could be looked at as a warped evolution of the high heel.

I will show a pre-recorded video “live” at 8:30 pm this Monday, May the 4th.

May 5: Maya OrchinThis video is a work in progress choreographed by Maya Orchin and shot by Simon Burrill. It’s an absurd voyage of different aspects of myself now being shot with all the glorious restrictions of a quarantine.

May 6: Marion SpencerMarion Spencer/ we are: Anna, Kimi, Ogemdi, S., Symara, Tara, Taylor & Marion.

‘to love the rise/ pt.2’ ^deconstructed^

live streamed film- Wednesday May 6th @ 12pm, 4pm & 8pm EST + virtual zine launch- Wednesday May 6th @ 12pm

Featuring collaborating artists Symara Johnson, S. Lumbert, Tara Sheena, Slowdanger, Kimiko Tanabe and Ogemdi Ude.

‘to love the rise/ pt. 2’ ^deconstructed^ are sharings of our virtual process- of what being in practice looks like, feels like, IS right now, within the container of developing project ‘to love the rise/ pt. 2’ – a dance exploring conscious femininity, growth mania, liminal space and transformation. Emerging on a different imaginative plane- an apocalyptic world where only we remain- a new utopia and all her elements are rebuilt by our collective. We offer an anti-capitalist mindset and alternative order, posing that our world is made by us, by us all- through protest, imagining and action.

May 7: Juli BrandanoJuli Brandano is a dancer and choreographer based in Brooklyn, NY. Her latest work, LAG, is a video series born out of the loneliness of quarantine, slow internet, and an obsession with unison dancing. Using the video conferencing app Zoom to double the body, Juli and her collaborators create a series of frustrating, glitchy compositions, in an attempt to dance together during this time of isolation.

May 8: Julia AntinozziJulia Antinozzi: Movement Experiments with Moonstruck.

May 9: Nami YamamotoYamamoto’s a human projectile – not a sleek rocket, but a compact ball of energy.” Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice

May 10: Karen BernardKaren Bernard: Photographs, video and live performance form a relationship into the emotionally fraught terrain of how the female body is looked at, from both the vantage point of the viewer and the one being viewed.

Livestream “Longing” at 3pm on Facebook.


Degenerate Art Ensemble (Seattle Based) photo by Steven Miller


New Dance Alliance Announces Their Upcoming Stay At Home Festival, ‘Remotely Yours’

“Performance Mix Festival #34: Remotely Yours continues New Dance Alliance’s commitment to support dance and interdisciplinary performance artists. Along with providing fees and future resources, we have given the artists creative license to utilize NDA’s web pages and social media platforms to reflect on what dance means to them at this time. In what language can they express themselves in digital media? The door is open to documented live performance, dance for video, live streaming, text, crafts, and drawings of set designs and costumes, and photography. The possibilities are infinite.” — Karen Bernard, Director & Founder of NDA and Artist

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