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Week 2

May 11: Birgit LarsonMy name is Birgit Larson. I will be sharing three projects:
1. Fetish of the Ex
2. Labor Performances
3. Reasons for Licking

May 12: RacocoRachel Cohen is Racoco, fusing raw materials with absurdist visuals and quixotic choreography often in collaboration with other performers, visual artists, and composers.

May 13: Emily Larochelle & Sarazina Joy SteinEmla and Sarazina present a virtual rendition of “Moon Map,” a work in which they explore how to animate everyday intimacies in surprising ways, as their found connection has developed and affected these interactions over time. In this work, bodies become puzzle pieces as they charm and challenge each other and playfully navigate the world they’ve created together.

May 14: Kameron ChatmanThis is a sharing of my solo work/state of being pre COVID-19. I tussled with the concept of ‘solo,’ revealing my artistic voice as merely an echo of my community…my black community, my womxn community. —Kameron Chatman

May 15: Annie HeathAnnie Heath will analyze and edit what is already there. Sometimes in the form of images, an old rehearsal clip, and a manipulated sound bite; but mostly she shares writing about this, or writing to escape from this, forming an odd blend of a confessional letter, journal entries, and poetry.

May 16: MOLLY&NOLAAs MOLLY&NOLA, we sift through the humiliation, queerness, and fantasy of an undefined relationship. Our process of collaboration feels like a ceaseless and dizzying loop, with each original work spilling over into the course of creating the next. Our research transforms as we continuously reframe our inquiries and embed them within new layers of character play, abstracted narratives, and bad pop music.

May 17: Remi Harris + Mark SchmidtFrom a shared love of house music, composition, and club culture, Remi Harris + Mark Schmidt created a dance performance party Yes! Yes! Yes! that creates inclusive spaces for real connections. Joined by collaborator Tiffany “DJ Krunk Pony” Pilgrim, they will share their past and currently virtual movement process, reflections, mixed media, and resource materials surrounding club culture and what makes house dance parties so special.

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Month-long Digital Dance Festival ‘Remotely Yours’ begins May 4

Remi Harris and Mark Schmidt (Week 2, Performance May 17) have been working on their current collaboration for two years. They were planning to perform live with DJ Tiffany Pilgrim, aka, Krunk Pony, and end with a dance party and invite the audience to dance with them. “We’re thinking of other ways of bringing the community together at this time,” said Harris. “We talked about using Zoom and having sessions together where we dance at the same time and what else we can share with others that’s not only based on the performance. It’s been fun and challenging.”

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