Week 3 of Performance Mix Festival #34: Remotely Yours starts today!

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Week Three

May 18: Degenerate Art EnsembleDEGENERATE ART ENSEMBLE makes performance inspired by punk, comics, protest, cinema, nightmares, and fairytales driven by the power of live music and their own style of visceral movement theater and dance. The streamed video shared here was created especially for Performance Mix Festival’s Remotely Yours edition by Haruko Crow Nishimura, Joshua Kohl and Leo Mayberry.

May 18: MAYDAYMAYDAY: Created upon the invitation of B-Motion (Bassano), Icône Pop is a playful clash between religious and pop iconographies, the sacred and the profane, saintly glorification and self-glorification. Featuring the auras of the Virgin Mary and Beyoncé in a striptease of the utmost modesty.

May 20: Diana CrumExamining different spheres of my dance world, I invite you to consider how a contemplative, improvisational practice rubs up against popular dance videos. Jump in to the early stages of a new project in 1, 2 or 3 live events, ranging from a dance class/open rehearsal to a live stream of new performance material. — Diana Crum

May 21: Bob EisenAs a dancer and choreographer I have been active in the field of dance for 40 plus years. My contribution to the Performance Mix Remotely Yours series is what happens when one strings a bunch of words together and calls it a story. Plus a few photos. Thank you for reading. — Bob Eisen

May 22: Cynthia McLaughlin&CoCynthia McLaughlin&Co. is a collaborative performance group based in Western Massachusetts that creates public installation, performance, and community engagement events. Always curious about the conversation between the beautiful and the absurd within the human condition, McLaughlin&Co. responds to the current moment through wild and fervent story-telling.

May 23: Hanna SatterleeHanna Satterlee is an interdisciplinary dance artist who creates work for stage, site and film. As Founder and Executive Director of the Vermont Dance Alliance, Hanna is committed to creating, producing, and promoting dance experiences across the state and region.

May 24: Camilo GodoyIn his Performance Mix Festival Artist Page, artist Camilo Godoy shares video documentation of his performance ‘Diplomacy’ and photographs of rehearsals.

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