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Week 4

May 25: Anh VoAnh Vo is a Vietnamese choreographer, dancer, theorist, and activist. They create dances and produce texts about pornography and queer relations, about being and form, about identity and abstraction, about history and its colonial reality.

May 26: Nate YaffeSLippery SLit is a new telephone performance by Nate Yaffe to incite intimate dances within. Please call in from anywhere you’d like. It is recommended that you use headphones, perhaps bluetooth, and that you find a place where you can be alone, no eyes on you. Presented simultaneously thru OFFTA (Montreal).

May 27: Tanja London alias qualia-cTanja London alias qualia-c is remotely yours with the just finished experimental Screendance Trilogy grappling with the erosion of democracy [2011-2020], her latest music video and a live performance of her COVID lullaby. Furthermore, she shares more live and screen choreographies using scientific climate change data, considering the cultural impact of military technology and looking at privacy.

May 28: Liberty StylesLiberty Styles is a tap dancer and singer who will be sharing her videos, music, and photographs. She will also be sharing excerpts from a 2019 show on livestream, featuring tap dance and live music as well as special guests.

May 29: Sarah ToumaniMy name is Sarah Toumani, and I am a french-algerian dancer and choreographer. I started working in the fall of 2019 on a new piece called ‘SENSUM’. I was still in the process of creation when the covid-19 situation started. My cast includes three other amazing dancers: Marianna Koytsan, Alexandre Beaslay and Marcus Thompson. 

May 30: Krista DeNio and Debra DisbrowWelcome to Ease and Flow Cruise Lines: Taking you to happy living! Join us Starboard for on-deck activities, the Shame Game, and our Cruise Casual Cabaret! Created and Performed by Krista DeNio and Debra Disbrow. With special appearance, music, and creative contribution by Yackez (Jon and Larissa Velez-Jackson).

May 31: Kyla KeglerKyla Kegler is an artist living in Buffalo who makes performances combining absurd and cliche narrative structures, video, big head masks, and somatic information to induce climactic moments between fiction and reality. She prioritizes inclusive presentational methods that bridge contexts.

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