Giving our appreciation

Thank you for a successful digital festival throughout the month of May!

Performance Mix Festival #34: Remotely Yours featured artists who were not shy to use this platform for experimentation. Interpretations ranged from storytelling, live video and telephone call performances, collages and zines, and films made exclusively for this festival.

None of this would be possible without the expert team of Fernando Maneca, Julia Antinozzi, Olivia Palacios, and Emily Goucher, who translated the artists’ visions into virtual reality. Special thanks to our donors who kept us going throughout the festival!

You can still view limited access to the artists’ work by clicking the schedule page here!

Did you miss?

Degenerate Art Ensemble’s video, created by Haruko Crow Nishimura and Joshua Kohl created specifically for the festival

MAYDAY’s Bathroom Confession video

MOVING FORWARD: LiftOff Creative and Project Residency

As the city is lifting restrictions, and artists are seeking out spaces to continue their practice, we are developing a safe way to go forward with our LiftOff Creative and Project Residency Program this summer in July, August and September. We will provide nine local solo or duo Performance Mix #34: Remotely Yours artists rehearsal space at NDA’s studio in TriBeCa and feedback sessions via Zoom. There is no fee for the residency.

We greatly appreciate your support of our programs. With the success of Remotely Yours, and our goals for the residency program this summer, please consider donating to further support NDA’s programming.

Remotely Yours,
Karen Bernard
Director and Artist