Black Lives Matter

New Dance Alliance stands in support of the Black community. NDA’s initial aims were to support an artistic community which has limited institutional resources, and to provide that community with increased opportunities to share experimental works with the public.

We recognize our change is necessary and late. We promise to fight back against systemic racism in our own organization and help hold other arts organizations accountable. We will deepen the work of bringing forward the voices of black artists.

As you know, June is typically the time of year when most non-profit arts organizations embark on fiscal year-end campaigns. In light of recent events, we are postponing our campaign, and instead asking you to donate to the following organizations. A comprehensive list of places to donate can be found here. Thank you to Joy-Marie Thompson for putting this together.

These are our first steps in working towards anti-racism. We will be instituting other initiatives in the near future.


Karen Bernard, Director & Artist

Fernando Maneca, Board President

Staff: Julia Antinozzi, Olivia Palacios, Emily Goucher

Board: Maja Lorkovic, David Shapiro, Lisa Parra

Advisory Board: Tara Bernstein, Robert Knowles, Thea Little, Linda Meaney, Angie Pittman, Diane Vivona