Thank you for a great festival!

Vitche-Boul Ra, photo by Kathryn Butler

It was the best Performance Mix Festival yet! The integrity of the artists’ creative process and execution of the work were phenomenal. The festival team made magic happen. And we were supported in so many ways—by our energized, warm, and celebratory audiences, by our funders, by the friends of NDA, and through volunteer housing and in-kind donations. Read more

Last day of Performance Mix Festival: 33 All-day extravaganza!

See work by 15 artists for just $20 –
that’s 6 hours of performances – a steal!

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Durational performances [in the gym]

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Saturday performances and a party!

Saturday performance | 7 PM

Siri & Snelle

Siri & Snelle will present Collapsing Distance. There comes a time when dancing has to be redefined, and it becomes crucial to actively collapse the distance between art and work, esthetics and life, age and experience, the local and the global. This is when the midlife woman emerges. She who refuses to shut up and curl up in a corner. She offers a demanding presence—a powerhouse of sensory experiences and perceptions.

dendy/donovan projects

WO(man)! by Mark Dendy and Stephen Donovan, featuring Nora Breen, Catherine Meringolo, Malaika Rinyire, Mei Yamanaka. We have changed the whole thing because of the crisis around these crazy abortion laws. This is an all women’s show collaborating with an all woman cast. Read more

Friday events at Performance Mix Festival: 33

Rise and shine for Breakfast Mix

Join us for this annual tradition of breakfast and a convivial gathering to meet this year’s international artists! Send a quick RSVP to newdancealliance@gmail.com and then head over to NDA’s loft at 182 Duane Street in Tribeca. Breakfast starts at 10 AM!

Barbara Mahler’s workshop is completely booked!

Space was limited – thanks to those who registered. You can still catch Barbara’s work on Sunday at 2:30 PM as part of our all-day extravaganza. Buy your tickets now!

Friday evening performances

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