Victoria Libertore, photo by Michelle Temple

Victoria Libertore, photo by Michelle Temple

New Dance Alliance is the origin of my awakening as a professional, performing artist. The resources, support and connections provided by NDA have been the foundation for my performing career and gifted me with the capacity to understand and enjoy the process of how I generate new work. Simply put, New Dance Alliance has empowered the artist within to create art and put it out in the world.

—Victoria Libertore, performer/writer/curator (New York City)


Daniel Linehan, photo by Bart Grietens

The Performance Mix Festival was an important part of my early career in New York. As one of the first venues where my dances were presented in New York, it was a laboratory where I could experiment with new ways of working. I was very happy to take advantage of the other opportunities connected to the festival–the rehearsal space, the Breakfast Mix meetings with other artists, the chance to take my work on tour to Philadelphia and Montréal. What’s special about NDA/Performance Mix is that it is not only concerned with presenting the final product, but it really aims to meet the needs of the artist at every stage of the process.

—Daniel Linehan, choreographer/performer (Brussels, Belgium)

K.J. Holmes

K.J. Holmes

New Dance Alliance brought me and my dance work several times to be part of the Performance Mix. I value how NDA continues to provide a place for experimentation through performing the work. I truly believe that the only ways I can understand what I am making as an artist is through how it is received, as well as how I send it to an audience. Without the audience, I am only in a studio, preparing. And…in showing work in the midst of other artists also taking these risks in presenting their pieces in an environment that encourages continued risk, we can transport each other to the next step we need to take to continue to make the piece/s. Here is reassurance that we are not in isolation, and we are not doing it for nothing. It does matter.

—K.J. Holmes, dance artist/actor/singer/educator (New York City)

Jaamil Olawale Kosoko

Jaamil Olawale Kosoko

NDA was integral to my early artistic development. Led by Karen Bernard, I was able to meet fellow artists while on a wonderful week long residency at Earthdance. I also received some wonderful performance opportunities through NDA and later had the pleasure of being a part of the selection committee for the festival. NDA is deeply important to the cultural fiber of NYC and beyond!

—Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, choreographer/performer/curator/producer (New York City)


I was honored to be able to show my work in such a supportive festival. The New York Times review was among the first I received, and that was such a great help. I feel like the [Performance Mix] festival is so meaningful because among other things New Dance Alliance is willing to take a risk on less-known artists and I, for one was so grateful for the opportunity.

—Monica Bill Barnes, choreographer/performer (New York City)

Photo by Adrianne Matowetz

It was from a workshop on creating solo dance with Karen Bernard that I feel my career as a solo creator/dancer truly began. Subsequently being presented by New Dance Alliance’s Performance Mix was a further huge turning point for me. I can never adequately thank Karen and her Alliance for all she and it have meant to me.

—Cori Caulfield, Artistic Director, Coriograph Theatre (Vancouver, Canada)

Bob Eisen

Bob Eisen

It’s hard in New York to find a context to present the kind of work I do—short solos, less than 15 minutes.  Most presenters want a whole evening’s worth of work, something which at this point of my dancing/performing life holds little interest for me. The Performance Mix Festival has offered me, and countless others, a situation in New York to present our work. It is a well established festival, presented in well known venues in Manhattan, and for this I am very appreciative. Long live the Performance Mix Festival!

—Bob Eisen, dancer/choreographer (New  York City and beyond)

I have always been inspired by Karen Bernard personally the model she provides as a female artist continually doing her work, original, honest, rigorous and not affected by trends or fads.  NDA has integrity presenting a wide range of artists, jurying them fairly and always being interesting and interested.

I am happy to have been an artist they presented.

—Katherine Longstreth, choreographer/dancer (Seattle, Washington)

Where should I begin? Performance Mix provided a consistent (year after year after year!) performance venue for works in progress that was just the right mix of openness and curation. Audiences were always plentiful and varied, not the usual downtown dance scene in crowd but truly filled with different sorts of people. Performance Mix also provided employment in the form of teaching in the public schools which was a lot of work for you, and a little much needed income for me. You’ve always been out there making opportunities for others. It made a huge difference in the arc of my career.

—Clare Maxwell, dancer/teacher of the Alexander Technique (New York City)

NDA Performance Mix Festival 2013 offered me an opportunity to present a new work in progress and to take an artistic risk by going in a new direction. As an artist at the border of theatre and dance, I was honored to be included in the festival and to be part of the community that was created during those weeks. The festival was a positive experience overall and I am grateful to NDA for including me.

—Ben Spatz, theater practitioner/ lecturer in drama, theater, performance (University of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK)

NDA was a place to not only show my choreography, but a place to build community. You set up the community to really explore every aspect of their artistic life. Through New Dance, I was able to perform, teach and travel. You made New Dance a safe place to be creative. Being part of the New Dance family allowed me to think beyond the boundaries of a dance studio. Thank you Karen for asking this question. Reminds me of a wonderful time in my life. Here’s to many more!

—Christalyn Wright, casting director/talent producer (New York City)

Goran Bogdanovski

Goran Bogdanovski

NDA’s commitment to providing performance opportunities and residencies for Eastern European artists is an important and rare gift.Through a grant from the Trust For Mutual Understanding began an amazing exchange between New Dance Alliance. I was invited in 2008 to perform my solo performance John at the Performance Mix Festival. This invitation was at the beginning of the creation phase and gave me motivation to proceed with rehearsals, which resulted as premiere in New York. John continue touring and developing through Moscow (Russia), Dusseldorf (Germany), Skopje (Macedonia), Sofia (Bulgaria), Munchen (Germany) and finished in 2011 in Ljubljana (Slovenia).

In 2010, I invited Karen Bernard to visit the Pleskavica Festival in Ljubljana, which was organized by NOMAD Dance Academy and Fi?o Balet. As a result of our exchange she invited several artists Victoria Illioska, Ivo Dimchev, Iskra Sukarova and 50 Collective to her festival the next year.

—Goran Bogdanovski, choreographer/performer/teacher/artistic director, producer, curator (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

When I was choreographing I felt supported by you. That support meant a lot, and in fact you’ve supported much of what I’ve done. Everyone should be given the opportunity to pursue their interests and passions!

You paid that forward for the rest of my life! I’m also a fan of supporting small and local 🙂 When I can, I give locally.

Not only that, but I’m a fan…xoxo

—Caterina Bartha

Anna Rogovoy, photo by Olympia Shannon

I want to thank you (Karen Bernard) so much for including my work in the Performance Mix Festival and for everything NDA did to make the experience special. Rehearsing at NDA was so wonderful and fruitful for me. I loved being able to see other shows in the festival. I wish I could have seen them all, everything sounded fascinating! The whole production and support team was great to work with and really supportive. Kathryn Butler’s photos are gorgeous. I really have nothing but good things to say about the whole experience.

–Anna Rogovoy