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Project: “Lakeside”: A victim. A murderer. A witness.

Lakeside at L’Annexe, Lisa Parra and Karen Bernard photo by Audree Juteau

Creation: Karen Bernard in collaboration with Lisa Parra
Video: Karen Bernard
Performers: Karen Bernard and Lisa Parra
Dramaturg: Andie Stover
Yellow/Black Costume: Created for Karen Bernard late 70’s, designer unknown
Sound Score: Found Sounds and Boris Billier

Lakeside, photo by Karen Bernard

“Lakeside”: A project in early stage of development, inspired by one of my costumes from the late 70’s. This costume no longer fits me and so it lays on the floor as if evidence of a crime scene. Lisa and I have just come back from L’Annexe-A in the country side near Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec. The short sections that we worked on in New York that I think of as evidence have expanded. They give life to the costume which has really become the victim’s dress. The environments have come to life and Lisa and I get lost in another world. We are the victim, the killers and the jury. In October I head to Foundation OBRAS in Portugal and will continue to explore on my own.


Showgirls (Work in Progress)

Creation and performance: Karen Bernard
Dramaturg: Andi Stover
Performers: Jil Guyon, Lisa Parra, Rachel Thorne Germond
Costume Designer: Hwa Park
Video Editor: Jil Guyon
Lighting Designer: Emma Rivera

Karen Bernard’s Showgirls photo by Svetla Atanasova

Karen Bernard is known for creating a storm of references on the body. In Showgirls, she delves into a delicious deconstruction of glamour in decline. Using evocative imagery of a crumbling Venice juxtaposed with sumptuously adorned dancers in high heels who strut their stuff unapologetically, Bernard orchestrates a visually rich and thought provoking performance that swirls around the audience. Bernard’s Showgirls recognize their imperfections and deny those of the world around them, creating an emotionally charged and complex performance.

Showgirls has been made possible through Brooklyn Studios for Dance, Emily Harvey Foundation, E|MERGE Interdisciplinary Collaborative Residency at Earthdance, LiftOff Creative and Project Development Workshop; and individual patrons.