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Dance party with DJ Black Lotus

Performance Mix Festival: 31 @ University Settlement has shot right by with outstanding performances of rapture, fierceness, and mystery; the best cheese danish from Duane Park Patisserie and thin-crust pizzas by Grandaisy; a workshop via Barcelona; and a spinning vinyl party. Read more

Join us for the finale of Performance Mix Festival

All day extravaganza! Mix31 performances defying the tyranny of definition

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12:00 PM

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*LiftOff Creative and Project Development Resident Artist

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Performance Mix Festival: 31

University Settlement | 184 Eldridge Street | New York, NY 10002

June 8-11, 2017

Performance Mix Festival Saturday Night

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7:00 PM performance

Noise and silence: the government doesn’t own us!

Well known in Spain as performance pioneers, Catalan company Societat Doctor Alonso brings the New York premiere of Anarchy, an experiment in chaos and order, a performance where the audience takes part by playing guitars from their seats. Semolina Tomic, the performer, executes the choreography that explores the musicality of movement as the piece navigates control, chaos, order, and the question of who “owns” art. Societat Doctor Alonso combines dance and theater in creating a performance language fundamentally concerned with displacement.

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Party follows the performance

Join us for tapas, drinks, & dancing with DJ Black Lotus

Black Lotus

Roseli Rocha is an artist and DJ based out of Pico-Union in Los Angeles. She is a first generation, queer, woman of indigenous descent. Rocha has led many collectives that assist in fighting gentrification, keeping local businesses and artists thriving, and providing helpful information to the community. Rocha, known as Black Lotus or Frijoles Negros from Chulita Vinyl Club LA collects everything from jazz to rancheras, but is notorious for playing a soulful mix of Spanish covers oldies, and psychedelic rock.

And there’s still more to see…

Don’t miss Saturday afternoon’s all day extravaganza from 12-5 PM!

Performance Mix Festival: 31

University Settlement
184 Eldridge Street, New York, NY 10002

June 8-11, 2017

Friday evening at Performance Mix Festival

University Settlement | 184 Eldridge Street | New York, NY 10002

Program A | 7:00 PM

Tickets: $15

Definitions: Something within us demands labels and definitions. What is dance? What is “performance art”? Do they co-exist? And—does it really matter?

Choreographer Barbie Diewald’s Eighteen Refrains Re: Rhoda is performed by five dancers with live interactive electronics by Jazer Giles. Drawing from Virginia Woolf’s novel The Waves, with interweaving threads of cicadas, Beethoven’s late quartets, origami fortune tellers, and a catalogue of impossible physiological tasks, the dance comprises five transparent solos, each taking on vestiges of the others.

Thea Little’s Successful is based on research into five different personalities: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Bjork, and David Bowie, as impetus for the voices, words, facial expressions, and physical movements in the piece. The work explores the artist’s intrigue with the idea that the ambitions and egos of artists and politicians overlap in comic ways. Read more

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