Deborah Conton

Deborah Conton, photo by Cindy Trinh

Deborah Conton’s Rise focuses on the distinct erasure of Black women from the House Dance/Club culture in New York City and beyond. The piece explores the movements, emotions, and its effects from multiple viewpoints while it simultaneously signals a reclaiming and reassertion of Black women’s presence via their ancestors.

Deborah Conton: The Atlanta-born native and Brooklyn resident continues to spread healing work via dance, spirituality, and writing. As a child, her inquisitive mind drew her towards her mother’s vast musical influences. During her teen years, this intensity drew her to Atlanta’s nightlife where she developed a love for House Music and House Dance, alongside the Club Culture. House Dance continues to be a conduit throughout her journey. She is also part of a Brooklyn-based dance collective known as Afro Mosaic Soul.

Her journey has led her to create workshops with Collage Dance Collective in Memphis, performing with the CUNY Dance Initiative program, Lehman College, Movement Research artist for the Fall/Winter 2018 series, Girls Be Heard, BHGHNY (Boys Hope Girls Hope New York), BAAD!, Under The Radar Festival,Yeah! That’s What She Said, New York City’s SummerStage 2018, Joe’s Pub, and Sisterhood Summit (an annual event which focuses healing through the arts for Women of Color).