Lily Bo Shapiro and Julia Santoli

Julia Santoli and Lily Bo Shapiro, photo by Jessie Young

gorgon, again:

a buzzing, stinging, sucking, luring swarm

bleached coral ghosts re-turned to thriving flesh.

into a widening (w)hole







the convergence forms constellations

invent the rearview mirror

the sea is stained with blood

it churns lyrics.

lily bo shapiro and julia santoli met on june 6th 2016 via the channels that are jeremy toussaint-baptiste, tara willis, aretha aoki, eleanor smith, and elliott cennetoglu. on may 14th 2017 we flew to tallahassee where we lived together for 10 days surrounded by the brilliance of fana fraser, roya carreras, vince johnson, francois zayas, nic kay, nana adusei-poku, li harris, georgia wall, sarah rose, ross daniel, lora-faye ashuvud, evvie allison, aimee plauche, megan carvajal, sonia malfa, maya “mayanicol” jordan, eva yaa asantewaa, gesel mason and yolanda cesta cursach. on june 14th and 15th 2017 we came together with jess pretty, ash r.t. yergens, sophie sotsky and doug lecours. on january 8th, 2018 we came together again with beth graczyk, staycee pearl dance project, and anna westberg. now we are here with you. for more information, google us.

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