Stina Nyberg

Stina Nyberg, photo by Tomas Sinkevicius

Stina Nyberg’s Make hay while the sun shines is an experiment in the art of making dances as rendered through history. With a departure point of a feminist approach to the body, Nyberg posits the possibility of new systems of logic for constructing a different world, one in which bodies also behave differently.

Stina Nyberg (born in 1981 in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden) has been making and performing choreography in Sweden for many years, but is currently based in New York. In her practice, she uses conviction and illusion in order to create new systems of logic which constructs the world differently, and make bodies act accordingly. At moments she calls this performative force magic, sometimes a craft, and occasionally a practice.

Stina has developed a series of independent works in collaboration with choreographers, musicians, visual artists, technicians and magicians. She graduated from her MA in choreography at DOCH in Stockholm in 2012. Her latest project, The Tesla Project (2016-2018), involves a solo performance with a Tesla coil (Thunderstruck), a lecture performance (The woman who lit the world) and a live concert with drone musician Maria W Horn (Alternating Currents), as well as a puppet show about ghost sex in collaboration with Diederik Peeters and Andros Zins-Browne (Spectrophilia).

Stina is the choreographer of the live concert Shaking the Habitual by the Swedish band The Knife and was performing in the show 2013-2014. She is part of the collective The Bureau for the Future of Choreography, with whom she participated in several projects in collaboration with the New Museum (2012), LMCC (2014) and American Realness (2017).