Bandile Gumbi

A poet and writer from Durban based in Johannesburg, she is currently working on a project called Brand New Second-hand, the re-interpretation of her poetry for visual/performance spaces. The poem Insanity, edited for the film Walking in Plastic, is part of her first collection of poetry Pangs of Initiation, self-published in 2004. City Breath is the second show she has taken part in for  her Brand New Second-hand project, the first been Things that make the skin itch, a two part monologue, which was exhibited as part of Scratching the Surface, vol l at the AVA Gallery in Cape Town.

Vancouver, Canada, Brussels, Belgium and San Jose, Costa Rica.  In 2006, Victor began his KaizenDanza Company, and in recent years has also contributed in other companies and groups within those eFeL Danse Company (Fabienne Lacheré), Contemporary Baroque (Erasmo Estrada) and Chicken Democracy (Ireri Mugica). His choreographic work has been presented in Mexico, Amsterdam and Berlin where he received wide acceptance by dance critics and their work is described as the director Powerful BrotfabrikBühne Theatre. Victor has focused on exploring new opportunities through a variety of dance movement proposals, being persistent in their proposals seek to obtain the maximum possible risk and extend the dancers’ dance to alternative spaces with a focus on improvisation and research motion.