Miriam Wolodarski

Miriam Wolodarski, photo by Gabrielle Wolodarski

Miriam Wolodarski, photo by Gabrielle Wolodarski

Of Limb and Language (excerpt) is a game show, a communicational tragicomedy, a brutal love affair between semantics and somatics.

Miriam Wolodarski is a performance person based in San Francisco, California. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Contemporary Performance from Naropa University, a Bachelor’s in Political Science from Uppsala University, and a banana in her left hand. She believes in dance and performance as a contemplative practice for both creator and observer. She is heavily influenced by the principles of Dharma Art as outlined by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, the psycho-somatic disciplines of Jerzy Grotowski’s lineage of poor theater, post-modern US-American dance, Viewpoints, and by experiential anatomy as transmitted to her by masters of BMC and The Axis Syllabus. She currently makes her own work, and dances for Scott Wells & Dancers. Wolodarski previously worked with the astounding Barbara Dilley in the improvisational ensemble Desolate Delight, as well as with other dance/theater/performance wonders including Katarina Erikson, Sarah Shelton Mann, Carol Katz, and others. She nurses a deep-seated interest in language and has worked as a writer, translator, and phonetician for Rosetta Stone and CTB McGraw Hill, among others.

Collaborating artists are Rosemary Hannon, Kevin Dockery, Leslie Castellano, and Andy Lundberg.

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