Tanja London

Tanja London, photo by Chelsea Rowe

Tanja London, photo by Chelsea Rowe

The screendance occupation explores a state of uncertainty and uproar in the context of the events of the world financial crisis and the Iraq War. The viewer experiences the metaphor of an old building under construction and its relationship to its foundation.

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Tanja London is a choreographer/ filmmaker based in Salt Lake City. She holds a BA in Social Pedagogy and Contemporary Dance and a MFA in Modern Dance. She grew up in Germany rummaging around in the beautiful wide spread forests of the South and in the WWll family history. Her curiosity and carefreeness drove her to ask a lot of questions, mostly at the wrong time. As this habit prevails, querying hierarchical constructs and seeking models of alternative power structures became an integral part of her.  After majoring in Math and Visual Art in Secondary School she ventured to study Social Pedagogy, determined to make a difference in the world. An ecological thought experiment with friends about what job might use the least resources got her interested in dance (next to watching films by DV8 and Oskar Schlemmer). After falling in love with Contact Improvisation she started her dance education in Berlin. Her fascination with abandoned buildings and the squatter art scene reached a whole other level during the post-Wall times in Berlin. Furthering her studies at the London Contemporary Dance School (UK), she got interested in film as a performance medium. Ever since then, dance, film, abandoned buildings and love motivated her every move. Her work often has a feminist slant and explores sociopolitical and ecological discourses such as inherited guilt and fracking. Her stage and screen works have been seen in Berlin, London, Düsseldorf, Munich, Boston/MA, Riverside/CA and Salt Lake City/UT.

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