Athena Malloy

Athena Malloy, photo by Carolina Kroon

Athena Malloy, photo by Carolina Kroon

Athena Malloy presents Switch and questions, “What puts you on edge, where do you grasp, who do you push, how do you open?” Switch is danced by Vanessa Walters and Malloy with music by Valerie Opielski.

Athena Malloy has had her work presented at numerous New York City venues including: Hunger, Love from the Survivalist at The Kitchen, Sharpening the Shadow at Joyce SoHo and P.S 122, If I Didn’t Make This Dance, I Might’ve Killed Someone at Dixon Place, On the Verandah at the 92nd St Y, and Running Back to Go Forward with Movement Research at Judson Church and the Next Stage. For many years, she taught at the Susan Klein School of Dance and Dance New Amsterdam. She has also been a guest teacher at her alma matter, SUNY Purchase and the Trisha Brown studio. She is presently a faculty member of the Zero Balancing Health Association. In 2003, she won a New York Dance and Performance Bessie Award for her performances in RoseAnne Spradlin’s under/world. She has had the pleasure of dancing for other great choreographers, including: Sigal Bergman, Walter Dundervill, Clarinda Maclow, David Neumann and Meg Wolfe. Malloy also has had a healing arts practice in New York for nearly twenty years.

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