Lily Bo Shapiro

Julia Santoli and Lily Bo Shapiro, photo by Jessie Young

gorgon, again:

a buzzing, stinging, sucking, luring swarm

bleached coral ghosts re-turned to thriving flesh.

into a widening (w)hole







the convergence forms constellations

invent the rearview mirror

the sea is stained with blood

it churns lyrics.

lily bo shapiro‘s current obsessions reside in shifting constellations of archive, elision, rejuvenation and the strangely intimate (intimately strange). bo works at an ethic of ongoingness, togethering and care, approaching circulation as an antidote to the monumentals. bo serves as a core member of Movement Research’s Artists of Color Council, working to address cultural diversity and equity within the organization through structural change. Additionally “I love you” and “I am proud of you” are important things recently uttered.


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