COVID-19 Response

Our programs are adapting to the guidelines of the City of New York.

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Black Lives Matter

New Dance Alliance stands in support of the Black community. NDA’s initial aims were to support an artistic community that has limited institutional resources and to provide that community with increased opportunities to share experimental works with the public.

We recognize our change is necessary and late. We promise to fight back against systemic racism in our own organization and help hold other arts organizations accountable. We will deepen the work of bringing forward the voices of black artists.

These are our first steps in working towards anti-racism. We will be instituting other initiatives in the near future.

Performance Mix Festival

Performance Mix Festival “The most elaborate festival of the unpredictable,” (The New York Times), is a jam-packed program of local, national, and international artists with new perspectives on how we experience dance. Performance Mix Festival #38 will be held in June 6-9, 2024 at Abrons Arts Center, Underground Theater. Learn more →

Black Artists Space to Create

The Black Artists Space to Create is a residency program offering three Black artists a safe space at Modern Accord Depot in Accord, NY. Each artist receives a one-week residency with unlimited access to a dance studio and full living space and a $2,000 honorarium. Learn more →

NDA Studio Program

NDA Studio Program offers free rehearsal space through three residencies: Black Artists Space to Create, LiftOff along with Work Sessions, and Satellite. Learn more →

Karen Bernard

Upcoming Performances & Residencies

Karen Bernard has a history of creating solo dances that challenge audiences to engage in a specific reality of everyday life issues contextualized into a heightened performative experience. Learn more →