Video Featurettes

Featuring just a few of the Performance Mix Festival Artists on their process. Get to know them on-line. And then, take the leap and see them live at Joyce SoHo.

Jody Sperling/ Time Lapse Dance

Jody Sperling, artistic director of Time Lapse Dance, is a dancer, choreographer, and dance scholar based in New York City.

No Work Productions

From Montreal, No Work Productions One Plus Digressions, half text half movement, is a refreshingly accessible, witty, well-crafted work that pokes fun at the art of choreography and obsessive self-analysis.


GAG portrays the touchstones of contemporary dance – physical intensity, raw virtuosity and pedestrian movement, nudity, sexuality, coexistence of artistic genres (rock, performance art, scripted scenes, improv, etc.).

Tif Bullard

Tif Bullard’s work examines the way sound, image, media, clothing, and context create codes that infiltrate and control the body in unnatural and untruthful ways of being.