We’re thrilled to announce the 27th Performance Mix Festival: April 8-14, 2013

Nicoletta Cabassi, photo by Michela Di Savino

New Dance Alliance presents the 27th Annual Performance Mix, a week-long festival with twenty-five outside-the-box performance and video dance artists.

Some highlights: we will feature full-length performances by International Artists in Residence [popup url=”https://newdancealliance.org/performance-mix-festival/artist-roster/mayday/”]Mayday/Mélanie Demers[/popup] presenting Goodbye as seen at the Festival Transamerique in Montreal; from France, the [popup url=”https://newdancealliance.org/performance-mix-festival/artist-roster/matthieu-hocquemiller/”]Compagnie à contre poil du sens/ Matthieu Hocquemiller[/popup]’s Bonne Nouvelles; picking up from last year’s festival, [popup url=”https://newdancealliance.org/performance-mix-festival/artist-roster/valerie-striar/”]Valerie Striar[/popup]’s newly completed work Marguerite and Robert, part 2 (New York City); and a sneak peek at [popup url=”https://newdancealliance.org/performance-mix-festival/artist-roster/karen-bernard/”]Karen Bernard[/popup]’s Suspending and Other Tricks.

The festival will also feature many other performance artists on the move from near and far – [popup url=”https://newdancealliance.org/performance-mix-festival/artist-roster/robert-tyree/”]Robert Tyree[/popup] (Portland, Oregon); [popup url=”https://newdancealliance.org/performance-mix-festival/artist-roster/michal-samama/”]Michal Samama[/popup], [popup url=”https://newdancealliance.org/performance-mix-festival/artist-roster/oren-barnoy/”]Oren Barnoy[/popup], [popup url=”https://newdancealliance.org/performance-mix-festival/artist-roster/melinda-ring/”]Special Projects/Melinda Ring[/popup], and [popup url=”https://newdancealliance.org/performance-mix-festival/artist-roster/toni-renee-johnson/”]Maverick Dance Experience[/popup] (all New York City); video artists [popup url=”https://newdancealliance.org/performance-mix-festival/artist-roster/charles-dennis/”]Charles Dennis[/popup] (New York City) and [popup url=”https://newdancealliance.org/performance-mix-festival/artist-roster/livia-daza-paris/”]Livia Daza Paris[/popup] (Quebec).

Don’t miss our closing performance of Rhythm and Schmooze hosted by [popup url=”https://newdancealliance.org/performance-mix-festival/artist-roster/jane-goldberg”]Jane Goldberg[/popup] with tap aficionados [popup url=”https://newdancealliance.org/performance-mix-festival/artist-roster/roxane-butterfly”]Roxane Butterfly[/popup], [popup url=”https://newdancealliance.org/performance-mix-festival/artist-roster/cheryl-johnson”]Cheryl Johnson[/popup] and [popup url=”https://newdancealliance.org/performance-mix-festival/artist-roster/michela-marino-lerman/”]Michela Marino Lerman[/popup].

Performances run April 8-13th at 7pm

Tickets: General $15 / Students and Seniors $10

View complete schedule and artist bios

Purchase tickets online

Emily Wexler, photo by Stephen Schreiber

Don’t miss our special events! 

Opening Reception

Monday, April 8, following the 7pm performance at The Flea Theater

An artist/audience gathering to celebrate the Festival.

Breakfast Mix

Thursday, April 11th, 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM at The Flea Theater

Join us for breakfast and “Out of Town Artists’ Forum and Performance Away: Beyond The Site of Production” – A panel discussion facilitated by [popup url=”https://newdancealliance.org/performance-mix-festival/artist-roster/robert-tyree/”]Robert Tyree[/popup], Mix artist and writer from Portland, Oregon, with guest artist Jaamil Kosoko, Producing Associate – Humanities and Engagement at New York Live and a panel of Mix national and international artists. The panel will discuss: How does performance circulate? What moves work beyond its site of production-and to what end? Can artists and organizations outside major markets thrive in minor market conditions-perhaps through regional performance circuits-to counter the sometimes meager incentives of one city, one weekend runs? What good does it do to “leave home”? Following the Panel, we will enjoy a performance of an excerpt from [popup url=”https://newdancealliance.org/performance-mix-festival/artist-roster/mayday/”]Mayday[/popup]’s Goodbye.

Breakfast Mix is hosted by the Cultural Government of Quebec in New York.

Tickets: Free! Please RSVP to info@newdancealliance.org

Featured International Artists in Residence

April 8-11th and 13th, following the 7pm performances (approximately 8pm) at the Flea Theater

Following the 7pm Performance Mix shows on April 8th-11th an International Artist in Residence showing will be featured. This is included in all ticket purchases, but is also available to the public for free based on availability.

Closing Performance and Party

Sunday, April 14th, following the 3PM performance, at the NDA Loft (182 Duane Street in Tribeca)

Join us at the NDA loft, just a 10- minute walk from The Flea Theater, where we’ll share Tapas Españolas and Sangria, with a splash of flamenco performed by [popup url=”https://newdancealliance.org/performance-mix-festival/artist-roster/la-meira/”]La Meira[/popup], and our annual silent auction – bring your checkbook, please!

Tickets: Performance and Party $60, Performance Only $30

The E|MERGE Indiegogo Campaign is Live!

We’re getting close to E|MERGE 2013 and the countdown begins with this year’s Indiegogo Campaign.

Half of all the funds raised will go directly back to this year’s AIRs in the form of need-based scholarships.  The other half will contribute to the infrastructure of E|MERGE and the initiation of an E|MERGE fund to keep this program kickin’ for years to come.

Check out the campaign and donate here.

Also make sure to like the Earthdance facebook page!

Earthdance is an artist-run workshop, residency, and retreat center located in the Berkshire hills of Western Massachusetts. We provide a dynamic mix of dance, somatic, and interdisciplinary arts training, with a focus on sustainable living, social justice, and community. Earthdance has been spearheading innovative arts programming, and maintaining beautiful facilities in service of local, regional, national and international communities and group events, in the Pioneer Valley for over two decades. Our diverse, year-round programs include: dance workshops; yoga retreats; interdisciplinary artist, ecological and inter-generational artist residencies & festivals; Contact Improvisation jams and our New Performance Series. Our facilities include two large and sunny studios with maple floors, meeting space, meditation and massage rooms, 100 acres of woods, streams, trails and a wood-fired sauna.

Apply for a Bogliasco Fellowship in dance

Apply for a Bogliasco Fellowship in dance online at bfny.org. The upcoming deadline to submit an application for the fall/winter 2013 semester is January 15, 2013!


Happy Holidays from New Dance Alliance & Karen Bernard!

We thank our amazing supporters of NDA’s programs and supporters of my new work USA Projects: Suspending and Other Tricks who helped us reach our goal!

Anthony Whiteurst – Refracted, choreographed by Kristen Schifferdecker, photo by Sasha Santiago

LiftOff Winter/Spring Workshop
January 8-March 26

Upcoming LiftOff Workshop for Seasoned Artists
LiftOff facilitated by Karen Bernard along with invited guest artists/presenters
Click for more information

Save the date:
27th Annual Performance Mix Festival

At The Flea Theater
April 8 (Opening Reception) through April 14 (Closing Party)

See the full schedule and lineup here!

Emily Wexler, photo by Steven Schreiber

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