Johnnie Cruise Mercer

Thank you thank you and thank you to everyone who made this residency (Black Artist Space to Create) possible. These past two weeks have been a blessing! Not only have I been able to deepen my own personal/artistic practices, I was given the space to connect with people that I love! I was given space to reflect on love, and to prepare for what this next year (2021) will bring! Shout out to New Dance Alliance, Modern Accord Depot and Angie Pittman for the time, the space, and opportunity! I am forever grateful! It felt like a good meal, with dessert!

– Johnnie Cruise Mercer


This current global situation is immensely sad and challenging, including the necessary cancellations/ postponements/ restructuring of opportunities, but we are so grateful for how you and the Performance Mix #34: Remotely Yours team has honored all of the artists involved – artistically, financially, and emotionally. In these uncertain, confusing times, we feel taken care of & clearly communicated with. Thank you.


Annie Heath by Cameron Kelly McLeod

I’m really glad that Performance Mix #34: Remotely Yours turned out to be so productive for me. I was able to wrap my head around the ideas that were all circling in my head.

–Annie Heath

Nami Photo by Ryutaro Mishima

My creative history with New Dance Alliance goes a way long. Since my friend, Chivas Sandage brought me to New Dance Alliance to rehearse in early 90’s, the place has become a part of my creative life. The long time existence of the studio and Performance Mix Festival are vital to the artists who seek and explore deep into their process. Whenever I step into the studio, it’s a new space with a lot of memories. I lie down on the floor, listen to my body, and I dance. It is valuable. The time in the space nurtures my practice and artistic vision. Karen’s vision of Lift-Off residency, feedback sessions, providing peer to peer connections are more significant than ever. It has been helping us to get through 2020 and we are going into 2021.

– Nami Yamamoto

MAYDAY, photo by Christian Brault

Congratulations on your Performance Mix #34: Remotely Yours initiative. I hope you all feel delighted with the experience. I must admit that it challenged me to do something a little bit out of my zone. But I am quite happy with the outcome. The first project featuring my son! It will be an unforgettable moment when we will look back at it in a few years.

– Mélanie Demers

Cynthia McLaughlin by Jim Coleman

I want to take a moment to thank you and all involved in Performance Mix #34: Remotely Yours for your support. You were certainly under no obligation to turn the festival around so quickly or at all. Your team was incredibly communicative and helpful in the transition to a remote platform. My collaborators and I are grateful to have had the opportunity to make an offering and to share such a vibrant stage for experimental art making. Thank you.

– Cynthia McLaughlin