Ouette (2012)

Bernard uses a laptop and projector to create different spaces evoking the imagined and real experiences. With video footage of floor tiles, patterned fabrics and human silhouettes, Bernard creates a heightened film noir that is quickly fractured by the non-performative technical tasks of manipulating the lap top and projector. Loosely based on François Ozon movie Swimming Pool, Karen Bernard’s character parallels the story’s protagonist, an elderly English novelist who, becomes involved in a dangerous sexual fantasy that is part her fiction and part her desire.

Support for the development of Ouette has been received from the Experimental Television Center with funding from the New York State Arts Council; New York City Department of Cultural Affairs; and residencies at NDA’s Exchange and The Fields Artward Bound Residency at Earthdance, Plainfield, MA, Silo at Kirkland Farms, PA, and White Oak, Ulee, FL with support from the Howard Gilman Foundation; and international residencies at Wassard Elea, Acea, Italy and the Liguria Study Center, Bogliasco, Italy made possible through a Bogliasco Fellowship.


Listen to Evi-Dance Radio Interview: Karen Bernard’s Ouette at the Rhubarb Festival in Toronto

Karen Bernard - Ouette, Photo by Ella Veres

Karen Bernard – Ouette, Photo by Ella Veres