João Costa Espinho

João Costa Espinho, photo by Tazzio

João Costa Espinho was born in Espinho, Portugal, in 1979. He is a dancer, choreographer and multidisciplinary artist, particularly interested in establishing relations between art and science. He lives in Paris, France and develops his work between Paris and Porto, Portugal. At the same time, João Costa Espinho has carried out scientific studies, completing a master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Porto – Erasmus Student in Paris Descartes/Sorbonne Paris Cité.  From his body of work, built during 20 years, he created among other pieces: Lilly 03″ (2003); “EUS” (2004); “Peter 05” (2005); “Jo and Jo” (2007) and “Simon” (2009), presented at the Short Theater Festival in Rome; “Anticorpo” (2009), solo created for the Culturgest Foundation, “Esboço” (2011) and “Monte” (2012), creation with the Community in the context of Guimarães 2012-European Capital of Culture. He represented Portugal in the field of dance at the Biennial of Young Creators of Europe and the Mediterranean – Puglia 2008 with the piece “Swap” and in Repérages Danse à Lille in 2010 with the piece “Anticorpo.” His most recent creations include “La Vie” (2014), “Je t’aime” (2016), duet presented at La Maison du Portugal – André de Gouveia in Paris. His work has been presented internationally, including Portugal, France, England, Turkey, Belgium, Brazil, Kosovo, Spain, Slovakia, Italy, Germany and Luxembourg.

This work was created in part through the coproduction of O Espaço do Tempo, Salabranca Lab and Festival da Fábrica. Supported by the Association Deepcuts, Arte Institute, Tap Portugal and La Maison du Portugal – Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris

Support for internationalization:
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

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