LiftOff Residency

The LiftOff Residency takes place at NDA’s Studio in Tribeca and provides six New York City physical-based performance artists with a minimum of 36 hours of rehearsal space, a $500 stipend, and two feedback sessions. The sessions take place Fall/Winter November-January and Spring  March-May.

LiftOff panelists: Mia Martelli, x, Alexa West, Nicholas Rodrigues

LiftOff Residency Artists Fall/Winter 2022/2023

LiftOff Residency Artists Spring 2023

Feedback sessions will either be in-person or on Zoom, depending on the state of the pandemic. They are designed to share about the creative process and project development and participate in a community exchange. “Dance work” doesn’t always have to be presented, it can be a time to talk about what you’re curious about or currently working on. LiftOff Artists will meet with NDA Executive Director, Karen Bernard or NDA Facilitator/Artist, Jil Guyon, at the beginning of the residency period to meet and schedule feedback sessions.

Interested artists must comply with studio regulations:

The studio is available Monday-Friday 10 am-6 pm. Since the studio is located within a private loft, NDA aims to book only 5 hours of rehearsal per day. While space may be available on the studio calendar, if an artist(s) has already booked 5 hours, no more rehearsals can be booked on that day. Please find more details about the studio here

The LiftOff Residency offers a $500 stipend. If you are able, please consider making a donation to support the continuation and development of our programs.

Past LiftOff Artists are not eligible to apply.

Past Artists

evan ray suzuki, photo by Chris Gurinsky

LiftOff receives support from New York State Arts Council, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and the Mertz-Gilmore Foundation.