Alison Kopit

Alison Kopit, photo by Alison Kopit
Image description : Alison, a white femme with wire-rimmed glasses and blue eyes and brown hair, lays on the ground. Her face is partially obstructed by blades of grass, and leafy trees in mid-summer rustle behind her. She rests the side of her face on her hand and looks past the camera.

Alison Kopit is a queer and disabled multi-disciplinary artist and access worker creating at the intersection of movement improvisation and conceptual art. She is interested in the unquantifiable and undocumentable imprints that care leaves on our bodyminds. For her LiftOff residency, she will be working on a series called Reverberations that explores the potentialities of care through the lens of ephemerality and dynamic interpersonal connection. She invites the community to loosen their grip on time and space and dream expansively about the ways that we can reach toward each other.

Kopit holds an MS and PhD in Disability Studies from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She was a 2021-2022 resident of Dance/NYC’s Disability. Dance. Artistry residency program and a participating artist in UCLA’s 2022 Dancing Disability Lab. As an access worker, she embraces anti-oppressive approaches to cultural work, working with artists, collectives, and organizations to build commitment to intersectional, sustainable access practice. The depth of her experience comes from relationship and engagement with queer and disability communities. Mutual aid practice, arts organizing, access practice, direct care, and collaborative art-making are central to her art practice and life.


Instagram: @troglodyke 

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