Arantxa Araujo in collaboration with Mariana Uribe

Arantxa Araujo, Noviembre 2, 2023, photo by Manuel Molina Martagon. Courtesy of the artist.

Arantxa Araujo, a Queer Mexican performance artist and neuroscientist and arts administrator, pioneers transdisciplinary art rooted in feminist ideology and bio-behavioral research. Her work unfolds as meditative, multisensory experiences, igniting consciousness and sparking ripples of social justice and personal growth. Araujo’s impactful art has graced esteemed venues like the Brooklyn Museum, Leslie-Lohman Museum, and the Queens Museum, alongside international showcases at Illuminus Festival (Boston), Nuit Blanche Festival (Canada), and more. Recognized for her innovation, Araujo’s accolades include the Franklin Furnace Fund, grants from Brooklyn Arts Council and Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, and prestigious residencies and fellowships. With an MA in Motor Learning and Control from Columbia University and a BA in Theater Studies from Emerson College, Araujo’s transformative artistry sets a powerful stage for societal introspection. Connect at @ArantxaAraujo or explore her portfolio at

Breathsculpt: Transformations Unveiled
With Breathsculpt: Transformations Unveiled, artist Arantxa Araujo collaborates with sound artist Mariana Uribe to create an intricate and immersive experience. Araujo repeatedly submerges her face in molten yellow beeswax, crafting a series of transformative masks that represent her evolving identities over time. Throughout the performance, moments of hypoxia occur due to obstruction of airway passages with the wax. This, plus a resonating soundscape, which includes Araujo’s heartbeat as it changes overtime because of oxygen deprivation, deepens the exploration of self-discovery and the continuous cycle of metamorphosis. This captivating artistic experience unfolds over a duration of 20 minutes, engaging the audience in a profound journey of transformation and exploration.