Bob Eisen

Bob Eisen, photo by William Frederking

Bob Eisen is a dancer, choreographer, and improviser, and has been working in the field of dance in one capacity or the other for 45 years. In Chicago, where he lived for many years, he was a prominent member of the dance community, receiving awards for his creative work as well a contributions to the community, including being a co-founder and long time co-director of Links Hall Studio, a performance/work space which still plays a prominent role in the city’s dance/performing arts community. In 2000, Eisen moved to New York. From 2004-2005 he danced and traveled his way around the world. He also has traveled extensively in America, presenting short set and improvised solos, as well as a series of duets. Until recently he had been living and working in Russia on a part time basis.

The Big Dictator is coming—at least that’s what Iggy Pop says, which leads to a collaborative duet between dancer Bob Eisen and actor Tom Ligon.