Company [REDACTED]

Company [REDACTED], photo by Joohee Park

Using fantasy as a guide towards creation, Mimi Doan and Cole Stapleton have been collaborating as choreographers since 2019. Expanding beyond the purely imaginary or erotic, Company [REDACTED] utilizes the fantasy of situation and circumstance, emotion and play to create dynamic worlds for their pieces. Their first evening-length work, Some Land of Redemption, premiered with two sold out performances at The Center for Performance Research in February of 2022, and since then they’ve been invited to present work at Impulstanz in Vienna, Movement Research at Judson Church, Hannah Traore Gallery, and at dance festivals throughout New York City.

My Apocalypse
My Apocalypse is an annihilation drama on the shores of Times Square Beach. Shame monsters converge at the edge of personal and societal collapse, rolling, rocking, and grabbing their way into the future.