Estrellx/EHQS, photo by Elyse Mertz

Estrellx (they/them) is an Afro-Guatemalan-American choreographer, performer, curator-creative producer, and writer. Their performance alias, EHQS, is the root component of their macro-vision called The Universe of Rhizomatic Tenderness (TUoRT), an emerging ecosystem designed to empower Queer and Trans Creatives of the Global Majority through healing-based social choreographies. Choreographically, Estrellx integrates club spaces as sites of generative dissonance, as sites for their embodied unraveling and integration. Estrellx insists on asking, “Are we celebrating or mourning or both? What do you really want and how exactly do you want it? How can the notion of quantum entanglement support us with co-creating erotically potent futures?” Estrellx implements Qi Energetic principles, divination, opaque systems of improvisation, sonic scripts, and eco-drag into their ritualistic performative language. Estrellx has choreographed several solo and collaborative works including: Animate, Intimate (Cycle 1): Points of Encounter (Culturgest – 2023), Real Talk #2: VERSE (CPR – 2022), and they are currently distilling their choreo-somatic research into a tarot deck called El Tarot de Quebrantamiento, which they are aiming to publish by Fall 2025. Estrellx has recently received a New Jersey Individual Artist Fellowship Award (2023), Djerassi Residency (2022), Creative Capital Award (2020), San Francisco Arts Commission (SFAC) Individual Artist Grant Award (2019), a Princess Grace in Choreography Award (2019), amongst other awards.

The Switch
The Switch is a solo performance that unfolds within an imaginary dark room where edging is foregrounded and foreplay is extended, where the tension between words and psychosomatic states moves in and out of obscurity and opacity. The Switch asks, Is a protest a protest if it cannot be heard, seen, or felt? What other forms of subtle, rhizomatic, telepathic, and erotic protesting are possible to conjure within the realm of the unseen?