Johanna Meyer

Johanna Meyer, photo by Nic Petry

Johanna S. Meyer (she, her) is a choreographer, performer, and teacher based in NYC. Her work has been seen at Performance Mix since 1995. Last seen at Performance Mix Festival in 2021, with piece called “… co-created with Hadley Smith and further explored with Angelica Soledad under a new title, “IMMA” at Arts On Site (2023) and simultaneously in Bogatá, as part of the UIUC alumni performance. Her four full-length dance works include: Teaser (1999), presented at the Ontological-Hysteric Theater; Every Hotel TV Plays On (2001), which was commissioned by Dixon Place; piece.piece (2015) was performed at Gibney Dance Center; and MAPS (2019), a collaboration with composer Catherine McRaepremieredat The Soaking WET Series in NY. She has also created 20 pieces, many in collaboration with Alexandra Hartmann, Angelica Angulo Soledad, Brendan McCall, Tory Vazquez, Maja Rajenovich, Nina Martin, and Ahalya Satkunaratnyam. Meyer has a BFA in Dance from NYU and an MFA from UIUC. She currently studying acting with Terry Knickerbocker. 

Suit Hang
Johanna Meyer will present a new solo featuring performance/dance material that dives into the female body, fat, and movement. The piece explores desire and unattainable perfection.