Jordan Deal

Jordan Deal, photo by Emily Farthing

Jordan Deal is a multidisciplinary practitioner, performance artist, and alchemist. Their investigative practice uses performance, sound, image, sculpture, and their body as a conduit between unseen forces and the materializations of socio-political structures and mythologies. They have been investigating technologies/modalities of relations and movement that harnesses and disperses chaos force as a subversive material and methodology. Deal has presented performance work at Judson Memorial Church, Center for Performance Research, The Brick Theater, Cafe OTO (London), Icebox Project Space (Philadelphia), Protocinema & Protodispatch, MAAS Building, Amant Foundation, The Lab (San Francisco), Grizzly Grizzly, and Batram’s Garden, amongst others. They have exhibited at Fleisher-Ollman gallery (Philadelphia) Fleisher Art Memorial, CP Projects Space, Kohl Gallery, and S.N.A.I.L Gallery. They have recently been awarded 2023-2024 Artistic Fellow at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art and was a fall 2022 research fellow at Amant Foundation in Brooklyn, where they continued their investigations of chaos force. In 2021, they were a fellow at the Headlong Performance Institute in Philadelphia.Deal’s films have been part of selections in Blackstar Film Festival, Icebox Project Space, Vox Populi, Center of Performance Research, Indie Fest (Los Angeles), and Paris Film Festival.

Through further explorations of chaos force as a current that can be harnessed and transformed into subversive material, capeforce bathes in the communal subterranean currents of the dead and the ghosts of the fugitive and social zombie. As a metzu zombie dance, this compositional and choreographic exploration invites the Black imagining and the borders of madness into a dance with triple consciousness herself. Jordan Deal is a 2023 Black Artist Space to Create Resident Artist.