Karley Wasaff | Kinetics with Karley

Karley Wasaff | Kinetics with Karley, photo by John Christou

Karley Wasaff is a non-binary pansexual movement-artist creative director, and producer based in NYC. Wasaff began a nonprofit dance organization, Kinetics with Karley, to utilize their privilege to stand up and shape change through movement. They are the creative director and producer of @BoneDaddysDungeon, the original immersive theatre cabaret. Wasaff’s current choreography incorporates compositional-improvisation-scores to evoke the spontaneity of genuine unadulterated human interaction. They received the 2022 Social Justice Fellowship from TheField.org and named a Brooklyn Arts Exchange Emerge NYC 2023 Artist. Wasaff premiered XWHY at Christie’s New York, and coined their first performing art soloist. They have toured with Performance Mix #38, Queerness in 2024 Exhibition, RAD Fest, Love Moves, SMUSH Gallery, Kun-Yang Lin, ESTIA Creative Home, Greenspace, Guilty Pleasures Cabaret, Let’s Sing Taylor, Red Light Disco, and Secret City Cabaret. Wasaff has been in residency with the Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX), University of Southern Mississippi, Alpha Omega Dance, and The Floor on Atlantic. They hold an MFA in dance from Hollins University. Wasaff is a proud queer small business owner of @boujiesaurusboutique and Master Fitness Professional with @grindhousebk.

XwhY is a compositional-improvisational score that explores the restrictions and tension that gender markers place on a person. This score utilizes memories and “X marks the spot” as movement scores to enunciate the hardships of nonbinary/female identities.