Mohamad Moe Sabbah and Khansa

Mohamad Moe Sabbah and Khansa, still from Khayef

Mohamad Moe Sabbah (they/he), born in 1990, is a Lebanese filmmaker/artist based in Cologne, Germany. In his work, he observes the world from a queer perspective and questions family structures, love, death, grief, and body representation. He completed his first fiction feature, CHRONIC, in 2017. Among his previous short films are WHERE THERE IS NOTHING BUT WATER, THERE, and THE LAND. Mohamad is co-director of the hybrid film EMBODIED CHORUS. He is currently pursuing art studies with a focus on performance at the Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln.

Khansa is a multidisciplinary artist based in Beirut. A singer, dancer, songwriter, choreographer, and visual artist whose style draws on a wide range of influences, genres, and topics from the Middle East. Redefining Middle Eastern Avant Pop, Khansa’s work is a meditation on gender and intimacy. During his second year of release, Khansa has showcased at Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris, Rich Mix & the National Theatre Riverstage as part of Shubbak Festival in London, MACAO in Milan, and has received the Arab Fund for Arts & Culture for performance. Khansa’s been featured on Vice, BBC, Mille World, Reorient Magazine, Hornet, The Guardian, and was voted by L’orient le Jour as one of the top 16 Lebanese Artists who made 2018.

The Ciné-Corps film Khayef is a public invitation to the personal living room of a young Middle Eastern boy belly dancing in front of his family, unveiling Arab society’s perception of effeminacy and androgyny. A celebration of fluidity and nonconformity that spans various different spectra such as transformation and creativity.