2009 Performance Mix Festival

FEBRUARY 24 – MARCH 7, 2009

Breakfast Mix at DTW
Monday, March 2

Breakfast followed by a discussion with Marlon Barrios Solano (Dance-Tech, New York) on the dynamics of internet, hands-on conversation role playing with Miriam Ginestier (Studio 303, Montreal) and Studio Showingby Dana Michel (Montreal).Breakfast Mix was sponsored by the Cultural Services of the Québec Government Office in New York.

Mobile Clubbing at Foley Square
Thursdays, February 26 & March 5

Mobile Clubbing is a spontaneous gathering for dance. The rules are show up at the designated place and time, turn on your personal stereo and dance. Mobile clubbing is a matter of identity: you can dance the way you want, and listen to the music you choose.

Tango / Tapas / Silent Auction at Joyce Soho
Saturday, February 28

New Dance Alliance’s annual benefit gathering featured Argentine Tango lessons by Mary Ann Lacey (Montreal), great food and drinks, and awesome items to bid on followed by Performance Mix.

Tedi Tafel’s LIFE-WORLD
Nili Lotan Gallery, Tribeca
Sunday & Monday, March 1 & 2

Tedi Tafel’s Life-World (Montreal) performance series located in a public building and involves 2 dancers, video images and pieces of furniture. Situated in a re-created apartment it draws from activities that occur in daily life and toys with the experience of the audience as both spectator and voyeur. Each evening a different configuration of dance, image and installation is presented, all in an attempt to blur the boundaries that normally separate private and public, interior and exterior, mundane and poetic, and life and art.

The performance of Life-World was made possible through a Production Grant from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council with funds from the September 11th Fund.

Performance Mix on the Main Stage

Joyce SoHo


Pre-Video Showing | Janusz Jaworski

February 24-25 | Opening Reception

Lower Left Performance Collective (New York)
Yvonne Meier (New York)
Aya Ogawa (New York)
Shua Group (New York)
*Trial & Eros/Deborah Dunn (Montreal)

February 26

Pele Bauch (New York)
*Shavon Norris (Philadelphia)
Cid Pearlman (Santa Cruz)
Susanna Hood/HUM & Sarah Bild (Toronto)
*“The Choreographers” (Montreal)

February 27

Linda Austin (Portland, OR)
Barbara Mahler Makes Dances (New York)
Cynthia Berkshire
*Line Nault (Montreal)
U turn Dance Company (New York)

February 28

danceTactics (New York)
*Karen Getz (Philadelphia)
Sigrid Keunen (Brussels)
Mary Ann Lacey (Montreal)
Nina Winthrop and Dancers (New York)

March 3

danceTactics (New York)
Erica Essner Performance Co-Op (New York)
Jil Guyon (New York)
Sigrid Keunen (Brussels)
New Extreme Dance Explosions Awesomes (Douglastown, PA)

March 4

Bernardo Coloma (Berlin)
Meredith Glisson (New York)
Jane Goldberg (New York)
Jason Parsons (New York)
Kristen Schifferdecker/Red Novae (New York)

March 5

Jess Dobkin (Toronto)
Kinaesthesia (New York)
Kristin Hapke/tindance (Seattle)
Jen McGinn (Philadelphia)
Dorian Nuskind-Oder (New York)

March 6-7

*LIKLIK PIK (Montreal)
Erin Markey (New York)
*Dana Michel (Montreal)
Jessica Morgan (New York)
*Emily Wexler (Philadelphia)

*Exchange artists with the Community Education Center in Philadelphia and Studio 303 in Montreal.