2010 Performance Mix Festival

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APRIL 13 – 18 | 2010 | 10 EVENTS

Breakfast Mix at Dixon Place | 161 Chrystie Street
Wednesday, April 14

A screening of la chamber blanche by Ginette Laurin, Artistic Diector of O Vertigo,  followed by a discussion with Laurin moderated by Deirdre Towers, Artistic Director of Dance Films Association.

In this film, nine characters are shut inside the White Room (la chambre blanche), that resembles the interior of a psychiatric institution. This place is at the heart of the film’s dramatic development: it encloses the characters’ madness, violence, chaos, and euphoria, and is shown to be a main cause of the suffering of these prisoners of inner worlds, placed in enforced, extreme promiscuity. Rather than telling the stories of the characters, the film seeks to capture the energy and tension of these beings buried alive in their madness and their futile attempts to escape it. la chambre blanche is a production of Amérimage-Spectra with the participation of Canadian television channels ARTV and BRAVO!

Dana Salisbury’s  Unseen Dance at Joyce SoHo | 155 Mercer Street
Saturday, April 17

Unseen Dance is a dance to be experienced by a blindfolded audience. Dancers reveal themselves and define speed, space, location, distance, architecture and bodily effort through air currents, touch, and sound. The audience is placed within the action and periodically moved, shifting their relationship to the space and one another.


Performance Mix on the Main Stage

Joyce SoHo

April 13 / Tuesday

GAG Montreal

Ginette Laurin Montreal

La Zampa France

Malcom J. Low New York City

Michelle Mola/The Troupe New York City

April 14 / Wednesday

La Zampa France

Near East Family New York City

Zornitsa Stoyanova and Toshie Makihara Philadelphia

TAIAT Dansa Spain

Miriam Wolf New York City

April 15 / Thursday

Alexadra Beller Dances New York City

Tif Bullard Chicago

dubD Productions Vancouver

GAG Montreal

Yozmit New York City

April 16 / Friday

Michael Freedman New York City

Johanna Meyer New York City

Guillermo Ortega Tanus New York City

Rachel Schroeder New York City

Yozmit New York City

April 17 / Saturday /  (FREE)

Dana Salisbury New York City

April 17 / Saturday / Exchange/Échange

Regina Rocke & Rosita Laval, hosts NYC/Montreal

Mana Kawamura New York City

No Work Productions Montreal

Cori Olinghouse New York City


April 18 / Sunday

Ashley Anderson Utah

Brynne Billingsley New York City

MOVE: the company Vancouver

Jody Sperling/ Time Lapse Dance New York City

Kristi Spessard Dance Projects New York City

April 18 / Sunday

dubD Productions Vancouver

Nora Gibson Performance Project Philadelphia

MOVE: the company Vancouver

Susan Oetgen New York

TAIAT Dansa Spain



“If one still crosses clowns with the daily newspaper, in the street or anywhere, their appearance on the boards and in the spectacles rarer, is limited to the world of the circus or the rigour diverted for large sanguinary productions of horror with psychopathes. With Studio 303, one hides some behind the curtains…” Marion Gerbier, Exchange/Échange in S303: criticism, DFdanse

“A model of survival in good times and bad, the Performance Mix Festival returns in its 24th incarnation to New York this April…This year’s event brings together a raucous mix of over 30 artists, known and unknown, with an emphasis on the interdisciplinary and the in-between, and continues to hone its service mission of providing rehearsal space, marketing help and chances for networking and touring.” MJ Thompson, The Brooklyn Rail

“Karen Bernard curates one of the more interesting dance festivals presented in NYC in her Performance Mix Festival at Joyce Soho. The unifying theme, if there is one, seems to be quirky originality. MC/hosts Regina Rocke and Rosita Laval do a great job of keeping the interpiece transitions lightly comic, rock with her ’80s-dressed straight-outta-Bushwick persona and Laval (Nathalie Claude) as a cleverly rough-around-the-edges French Canadienne …” Quinn Batson, Offoffoff.com

“The concert opened with a solo by Kristi Spessard, who collaborated with Jeanne Trevers on its creation. The title was Tremor, and Kristi began the solo with pulses and contorted gestures to the sound of amplified breathing. This dance began slowly in a spotlight, the dancer appearing strung up like a puppet as if being moved by some outside force. This activity accumulated until the dancer burst out of the spot light…” Megan Boyd, 
Manhattan Dance Examiner

“The New Dance Alliance took over Joyce SoHo last week for its 24th annual Performance Mix Festival, which brought together over thirty dance, music, video, and interdisciplinary artists from the US and abroad. The festival, produced and curated by NDA Director Karen Bernard, supports emerging artists by providing them with performance opportunities, rehearsal space, and career development residencies.” Evan Namerow, Dancing Perfectly Free

“Indeed, as dance moves into the future, the lines between dance, video, theater, visual art, music, and beyond are being blurred. This prospect is exciting and promising for artists, as it creates endless possibilities…And the Performance Mix Festival isn’t just a performance for the audience to benefit from…” Lauren Morrow, New York Pudding

Performance Mix Video 2010 Featurettes

Featuring Dianna David, Charity Zapanta, Rachel Schroeder, Jody Sperling, Miriam Wolf, No Work Productions, GAG, MOVE: the company, Near East Family, Tif Bullard, Dana Salisbury, and Michael Freeman of the Performance Mix Festival 2010 Artists on their process. Get to know them on-line.