Jenny McGowan (a.k.a. Miss Saturn)

Miss Saturn, photo by Sara Brown

Jenny McGowan (a.k.a Miss. Saturn) is physical comedian, hula hoop artist, and actor. Time Out New York says it best, “(Miss. Saturn) personifies the sequined forces of burlesque and racy comedy.”

She creates original performance work that combines vaudeville antics, audience interaction, impeccable timing, and up to 75 hula hoops to create of a one of a kind performance. Her full length shows and variety acts have left people in laughter and awe across the world. She has performed her solo outdoor show at the World Busker’s Festival in New Zealand. She has enjoyed a weekly run of her family show at Coney Island’s amusement parks (Astroland and Luna Park) and at Victorian Gardens in Central Park since 2004. She has graced the stages of  The Famous Speigel Tent, The Box, PS 122, the Bergen Music Festival, and has recently performed with Moby in the Jonthan Ames and Moby Show-to name a few.  She also has toured extensively with the Bindlestiff Family Circus. You may have seen her in the new HBO series “Bored to Death”

She is the creator and producer of “Hula Pa Looza”, an all hula hoop cabaret, co-creator of the hit comedy and dance troupe Animal Crackers and co creator of “Hula Wars.”

Jenny was trained in acting at Otterbein College and has studied clown with David Shiner, Sue Morrison, Giovanni Fusetti, Matt Chapman, Avner Eisenberg and Julie Goella.

“Miss Saturn has one of the most expressive faces in burlesque, and if you can manage to take your eyes off the spinning hypnotic hoopes—or her undulating, hypnotic bod—for half a second, she is pure physical comic genius in the Tina Fey stratosphere.”-Cultural Capital

“She had the hard-to-impress crowd on their feet”-Village Voice