Sticky Mango Movement/Christine Coleman

Sticky Mango Movement, photo by Victor Harris

Christine Coleman, artist director and founder of Sticky Mango Movement, has been choreographing since 1997. Her choreographic challenge is to balance the fusion of Contemporary Dance, Japanese Butoh Dance, Stop Motion, and American Sign Language. Stop Motion is viewing movement through a flipbook of photos.

Christine Coleman was a resident artist at FAR Space, presented by The Field, and performed the reworked duet, Salt In Sugar, at Dixon Place in December 2009. In the beginning of 2009, Coleman collaborated with choreographer, Mariko Endo and composer, Gregory Scot Reynolds on an evening length production Transports of Delight. The production premiered in May and celebrated the simple joys found in all daily movement and questioned the many conditions we place on happiness. Gobstopper Influence, an evening length production inspired by the classic movie “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” was premiered in June 2008. Coleman had collaborated with fashion designer Catherine Iwakawa, lighting designer Bruce Steinburg, set designer Sean Breault, musician Loren Dempster, and videographer TranQue. Gobstopper Influence took an imaginative look at beauty, darkness, machines and their malfunc­tions, human flaws, and the Keepers of knowledge, refracted through the prism of a Tinker’s bizarre world. Nicholas Birns from New School writes “(the production had) gusto straight out of Dickens, and also the combination of exuberant fun and a latent Gothic menace, which pervaded all the pieces, is both in Dahl and Dickens.” Both productions were produced at Center for Remembering and Sharing in NYC.

Since 2001, she has been steadily gathering credentials in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and New Jersey, including performances most recently at Amalgamate Artist Series at Bridge for Dance, Fertile Ground at Green Space Studio, and DanceNOW RAW festival at Tish, Movement Research’s Open Performance at DTW, and HATCH at The Works Studio.  Other venues included solos: Owl at Hugs Saloon in the Swamp Cabbage Wild Game Tasting Fundraiser March 2009, Vessel at The Event Center in the I Believe In You By Aunts November 2008, Systematic at Center for Remembering and Sharing (CRS) in At The Edge of Butoh May 2007, “Horse” at the 2005 outdoor festival, H.O.W.L., Finely Chopped Desire at the 2003 Uptown Performance Series in December and also at SPACE Performance Mix in August 2002, and Passages, in 2003, at the Dance series SWEAT in March and also at One Arm Red in December 2003. At CAVE Artspace, she performed her solo A Semi Full of Issues, both in April 2006 and in September 2005, collaborating with action painter, Naoki Iwakawa. SUB/CON is a duet piece, and was performed at the 2007 Solar One Festival in July and in 2004 at SWEAT, in May, and SWEAT Outdoors, in July. Her trio Human Garden was premiered in May 2008 in the Movement Works showcase at CRS.  Christine co-choreographed Hatchlings, which appeared in the 3rd Annual New York Butoh Festival 2007 and Hatch, performed in a SWEAT Showcase and at CRS’ At the Edge of Butoh Festival 2006, with Company SoGoNo Artistic Director Tanya Calamoneri.

Coleman was a company member of Anemone Dance Theater (2004-2006) and Chris Ferris and Dancers (2001-2007).   She toured with Corinna Brown (Hiller)-Dean Street FOO Dance (2002-present) in 2002 for the San Francisco Butoh Festival and with Anemone Dance Theater in 2006 for the reopening on the New Orleans Museum of Art.   She also had the pleasure performing works by Sean Curran, Celeste Hastings-Butoh Rockettes, CAVE ACTS, and CAVEnsemble.  She was also involved with a video project with director, Ed Purver. A Show of Hands is a public artwork that explores American Sign Language as a medium through which to examine the architecture of free speech and public space in the age of Homeland Security and the presence/absence of the body in the built environment.

Since 2001, Christine studied Butoh with Yuko Kaseki, Yukio Waguri, Daisuke Yoshimoto, Akira Kasai, SU-EN, Atsushi Takenouchi, Hiroko Tamano, Yumiko Yoshioko, Shinichi Mono Koga-Ink Boat, Kan Katsura, Ko Murobushi, and Minako Seki.