Ursula Eagly and Iskra Sukarova

Iskra Sukarova, photo by Ljupco Tanurovksi

Ursula Eagly is a New York-based dance artist. She is currently making a new piece that piece that will premiere at Danspace Project in February 2011. Her previous work, Fields of Ida, premiered at Dance Theater Workshop in October 2009 and toured to Macedonia and Albania. Her approach to dance improvisation is deeply influenced by four years of working with choreographers Yoshiko Chuma and Kathy Westwater.

Iskra Sukarova is an established principal soloist and choreographer at the Macedonian Opera and Ballet. She was a student of contemporary dance at the National Conservatorium Superior in Lyon, France, and in 2002 obtained her Master’s Degree at the Laban Center in London, UK. She has completed several different trainings, seminars for contemporary dance with: Susanne Linke, Mark Tompkins, Joe Alegado, Milli Biterli, Mia Lawrence, Ivan Wolfe, Jennifer Lacey etc. She collaborated with Yoshiko Chuma (The School of Hard Knocks, New York); Allyson Green (New York); Bert Gstettner (Tanzhotel, Vienna); Cathy Weis (New York); Alice Castillio (London). In 2003 she was invited to perform her solo piece Off at a Tangentat the Tanztenzenden, Germany, the 2nd Balkan Dance Platform – Bucharest and in Fivizzano, Italy, where she was awarded the Golden Dolphin. With her new production Ouch Couch she toured in Sarajevo (Teatar fest), Malmö (Dansstationen), Sofia (Redhouse), Belgrade (Dom omladine), Durrës (an international festival). For her research in the field of contemporary dance she has been awarded an Arts Link Fellowship in 1996 and the DanceWeb grant in 2000. She was a part-time contemporary dance teacher at the Secondary Ballet School in Skopje and an art director of the Ballet at the Macedonian National Theatre in Skopje for two years. In 2003, together with Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski and Nataša Dimitrievska, she founded Lokomotiva – Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture. At Lokomotiva she is engaged as contemporary dance art director.  She is one of the founders of the Balkan Dance Network and the NOMAD Dance Academy project.

“We didn’t anticipate that we would be so deeply swallowed by the performance of Eagly and Sukarova… The performance of Ursula Eagly in It reaches you so deeply that even the short sickness you might feel will make you happy. Every pure and specific movement by Eagly fascinates you, with her long limbs and hyper-mobile ankles, mixed with her powerful gaze.”