Viktorija Ilioska

Viktorjia Ilioska, photo by Suncan Stone

Viktorija Ilioska is young dancer/choreographer from Prilep that is past several years actively took part in training programs of contemporary dance. She became an active member of Lokomotiva`s program for support and development of the contemporary dance in 2006. He has participated on workshops with international choreographers organized on local level but also international workshops and camp programs for contemporary dance. She`s first choreography Place-replace was presented on the Prilep Summer festival in Prilep 2006. As young choreographer he received great support and critics from the general audience, as well from the international presenters and critics present on the event. He presented with performances work in Macedonia, as well in Albania on the International festival in Duress, Bulgaria in Burgas, 4th Balkan Dance Platform in Athens, Greece in 2007 and Perforations – week of contemporary arts in Dubrovnik, Croatia 2009.  She as choreographer is very active in Prilep, like ass. of Kire Miladinoski- where she transfers she`s knowledge and encourages young people to learn more about contemporary movement and dance. She participated in more performances like: Process-in infinity-progress, Rebirth-the dance of the Deities, Scheherezade, The Battle of Kades, Macedonian dance, The vision of the painter, Small night game, Travelling-Sion Priory, and (Not)Close /duet/.