Chris Dupuis

“It’s Time to Talk About Our Future Together” is a free event taking place each evening throughout the festival in the lobby of Dixon Place at 7:00-7:30pm.  Toronto based artist, Chris Dupuis presents “It’s Time to Talk About Our Future Together”, a relational-performance art piece, presented to one person at a time.  The artist is seated at a café table with bread and wine, as if he is on a date, but without the other person.  Viewers join him at the table one at a time to be his date and have a conversation.  The artist asks the viewer a series of questions that one would ask on a romantic date, but which are also designed to test the viewer’s optimism about the future of the world and the fate of humanity in a time of war, environmental destruction, and Western Imperialism.  To schedule your one on one performance date with Chris Dupuis contact the artist directly There is only one performance a night, so be sure to book in advance.