Krista DeNio

Photo by Jill Steinberg

Krista DeNio is a choreographer, director, performer, writer, & educator. She has worked in San Francisco, New York City, New Mexico, Western Massachusetts, Colorado, as well as internationally.  From aerial dance to clown, post-modern dance to interview-based theater projects, she is committed to constantly evolving forms of performance work. She is also committed to development of interdisciplinary thinking and creation within the fields of dance and theater.  DeNio’s current project CONTACT, is an interactive performance installation, in collaboration with Matt Mitchell’s 100 Faces of War Experience (  The project is written and performed by a mixed ensemble of veterans of war and civilians. Both, the veterans of war and civilians, direct and invite the audience into direct dialogue and action which takes place throughout the gallery space.  DeNio is devoted to making work that engages communities large or small about issues of social justice and/or the contemporary human experience.  She is the Executive Director of Earthdance in Plainfield, MA.