Marie Brassard

Photo by Simon Guilbault

Marie Brassard is an actress, a writer and a director.   For many years, her professional endeavors were closely linked with Robert Lepage, with whom she participated along with other artists in the creation of several plays and films.  In 2001, she created her first solo production, Jimmy, within the framework of the Festival de Théâtre des Amériques. Since then, she has produced other works – The Darkness, Peepshow, The Glass Eye, The Invisible and Me Talking to Myself in the Future – in which she has continued to explore the many ways with which sound can be manipulated in theater. By interlacing voices and music and traversing the planes of reality, she leads us to a world where the boundaries between public and private dissolve and the relationship between human beings and technology becomes intimate. Her unique work performed both in English and in French, has received widespread acclaim in many cities across America, Europe and Australia.