Livia Daza-Paris

Livia Daza Paris, still from No Sounds Carried The Wind

Livia Daza-Paris is a Venezuelan-born Montreal based artist that incorporates video, performance and storytelling as platforms to integrate themes of locality, memory, the political and historical to reflect her humanist approach to art creation. Her work is greatly influenced by her long time practice of the dance and poetics of Skinner Releasing Technique and the aesthetics of Grotowsky’s theater. Daza-Paris has postgraduate degrees in Digital Technologies Design Arts and in Community Economic Development, both from Concordia University, Canada.  She has an MFA in Creative Practices from Transart Institute accredited by the University of Plymouth, UK.

Daza-Paris’ work has been presented at Festival International de Nouvelle Danse, Vancouver Dance Festival, Tangente, Montreal Arts Interculturel, du Maurier Theatre, Canada and at Dance Theater Workshop, P.S. 122 and The Knitting Factory in NYC, Atelierhof in Berlin, Blanc Compound in Manila, Ateneo de Caracas in Venezuela and “Los Talleres” in DF Mexico.

Daza-Paris has received grants awards by Conseil des Arts et de letters du Quebec, Canada Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council, City of Montreal, Venezuelan Arts Council, Fundación José Angel Lamas, Laidlaw Foundation and DTW Suitcase Fund for the Arts, with funds from the Rockefeller Foundation for the international project CAONABO’ New Performance in the Americas, 1991-1994. The Festival had part of its residency in “Los Barrios” of Caracas and in towns of the Venezuelan African Coast, presenting a new model in the country for arts and community collaborations.