Nicoletta Cabassi

Nicoletta Cabassi, photo by Valerio Tosi Beleffi

Nicoletta Cabassi was born in Parma (Italy) where, when she was very young, she started her training in ballet and contemporary dance. After graduating from the Art Institute, she moved to France and Austria.  During this apprenticeship she focused especially in contemporary dance with choreographer as: Preljocaj, Vandekeybus, Virgilio Sieni, Jean-Yves Ginoux and William Forsythe. For the theatre she studied and sometimes collaborated, with Philippe Blancher, Thierry Salmon, Pippo Delbono, and Cesare Ronconi – Teatro Valdoca. Cabassi is one of the founder of the music dark-group Belmez Visions. She worked as  a dancer (often as a soloist)  and actress for many opera theatres and royal theatres She worked with the companies: Infidi Lumi, XE Company by Julie Ann Anzillotti, Teatrodanza Skené by Ugo Pitozzi  ArtemisDanza Company,  Compagnia Tocnadanza, La Fura del baus, and others.

Cabassi worked for a period with Maguy Marin in France (“she trained “May B” and “Waterzooi”). She founded her own Company Lubbert Das with whom she created and interpreted many creations, as solos or with the company.  With Sub Rosa – C.s.O. opera aperta she has won the Critic’s Award at the ‘Ermo Colle’ festival (2006). With SOL won the Audience’s Award and the Prize of the Organisation at the dace and theatrical festival ‘Voci dell’Anima’ (2010). In LIII° Biennale of Venice she worked with the German Artist Tino Sehgal into: “This is so contemporary” and in “Instead of allowing some things to rise up to your face, dancing bruce and dan and other things” like a danse/performer by Villa Reale in Milan for the Trussardi Foundation. She had co-operated many years with C.T.R. Centro Teatrale di Ricerca of Venice, where she was responsible for the training at the dance division as principal choreographer.  Collaborations as a free-lance choreographer led her in the direction of the choreographic event for the world present Lancia’s Delta car by Corte d’Onore into Reggia of Venaria Reale (Tourin, 2008), with the visual-artist Martin Romeo, video-maker Daniele Spanò/NU Factory, the Brazilian director Leandro Lisboa and with Teatro del Cerchio. She was invited to the Festival d’Avignon (France) as a choreographer and dancer for a work with Vi.D.A. (able and disabled dancers).  Recently she collaborated as a dancer (soloist) and choreographer with opera directors Stefano Poda, Manfred Schweigkofler and choreographers Valentina Versino, Simona Lisi, Virginia Spallarossa, and finally Paolo Mangiola. For the European dance festival La Becquée (France) she creates a dance trio “Sotto il sole” (from an idea of previous solos of Monica Secco).