Robert Tyree

Robert Tyree, photo by Miroslav Milos

Robert Tyree is a choreographer, writer and teacher based in Portland, Oregon. A child of rural Washington, for Tyree performance came first through athletics and community theatre before urban relocation introduced formative years of club dancing. Since university, he has slowly related his endeavors to formal dance performance. Robert has pursued dance training at Seattle’s University of Washington, Montréal’s after-hours clubs, Oregon Ballet Theatre and Vienna’s danceWEB program (ImPulzTanz 2011). From 2006, Tyree has pursued a concept of intensive dance—discos with Deleuze, lofting with Lacan—through performance and publication (All-Night Dance, Nuthin Wrong, Intensive Dance). Tyree has worked with several choreographers in Portland including Linda Austin, Lucy Yim, Kaj-anne Pepper and Meshi Chavez, but his most longstanding engagements have been with close colleague Tahni Holt. Tyree is co-executor of FRONT, a Portland-based newspaper devoted to fostering dialogues and literacy around contemporary dance. Additionally, his performance writings have been published online through outlets including Claudia La Rocco’s Performance Club and the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art. Over the course of 2011-2013, Tyree has developed Lemur in collaboration with Romanian writer Andra Rotaru.